Heat Trace System Audits

Routine reviews of your heat trace system will ensure proper heat trace operation during the cold season, and it is proven to save you money by avoiding costly repairs caused by unscheduled downtime or damages due to frozen equipment. Our leadership team has been responsible for continuously elevating the standard practices when it comes to efficiency and quality for audit procedures over the years. Since forming Legacy Thermal Solutions, we have elevated the bar once more!

Our team undergoes extensive training in our Quality Assurance practices and troubleshooting methods to make sure to find not just the problem, they are also able to figure out why the component failed. That, paired with our century of experience in heat trace, power distribution, insulation, and scaffolding you will receive the most cost-effective pricing solutions with minimal risk to unexpected price changes when executed. With Legacy, you will never be given vague information which leaves you with the question of why, and you will be left with the most accurate repair packages.

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Audit Packages

Legacy Thermal Solutions have continued to provide multiple tiered auditing packages including Basic and Comprehensive Packages:

Basic Audit Package

Legacy’s Basic Audit Package is a way to conduct a brief overview of your heat trace system by identifying faults through troubleshooting breakers that do not meet Legacy and industry testing requirements. This audit does not capture all heat trace cables, but it will capture all components that are causing the breaker tests to not perform optimally. These audits are typically recommended on systems that have undergone a Comprehensive audit in prior years which will help identify any changes in breaker performance that might not be noticeable from performing only Basic Audits. Our Basic Audit package includes the following:

  • Testing and review of all control panels
  • Tracing and identifying components within the breakers that do not meet testing standards.
  • Insulation audit of your heat trace system identifying weaknesses or damages to the insulation.
  • Formal report sharing all data collected including a detailed summary, NERC Snapshot, and Turn-Key Pricing solutions.

Comprehensive Audit Package

Legacy’s Comprehensive Audit Package is the premium audit service that tests and reviews every component in your heat trace system regardless of how well the control panels are performing. Since we review every component, we can find components that a Basic Audit package would not be able to find including cables that have been cut or disconnected on a parallel system. The Comprehensive package also includes labeling all power connection kits and heat trace cables in the field including renewed panel schedules located in each control panel to help you locate all components fed by each controller. Since there is so much detail in this service, we recommend conducting a Comprehensive Audit for your first year to establish a baseline performance review of your heat trace system. After, we typically recommend Basic Packages until we notice it is time to renew the baseline or if there have been any significant changes to the system.

Our Comprehensive Package includes the following:

  • Testing and reviewing of all Control Panels
  • Testing and reviewing of all heat trace components.
  • Testing and reviewing all instrumentation enclosures, accessories, and tube bundle.
  • Insulation audit of all heat trace lines identifying weaknesses or damages to the insulation.
  • Labeling all heat trace power connection kits – (Upgraded aluminum tags available)
  • Renewed panel schedules for each heat trace controller identifying all heat trace power connection kits per breaker and descriptions of where they are located.
  • A Formal report sharing all data collected including a detailed audit summary breakdown, NERC Snapshot, and turn-key pricing solutions.

Aluminum Tagging

Upgraded aluminum tags are engraved and hung on all power connection kits to provide customers with a long-term tag solution as apposed to adhesive brady labels.

NERC and ISO-Metric Reviews

NERC Compliance Reviews

NERC established reliability standards in 2023 which require that all facilities must ensure that their heat trace and insulation systems comply with new environmental design standards. Since then, a significant number of facilities have found that their current heat trace design is out of date due to changes in the environment over the last two decades. Legacy designed the NERC Compliance review to help facilities identify which lines and equipment in their plant system fell out of compliance with these new standards. During our review, we recalculate all new heat loss calculations based on the most extreme weather set points and provide a detailed report sharing what heat trace lines are compliant, borderline, and non-compliant; along with the most cost-effective recommendations to get all non-compliant and borderline lines within the new requirements.

ISO-Metric Renewals

Are you having trouble locating your ISO-Metric Drawings for your heat trace system? Better yet, have there been so many changes to your system that your drawings are now inaccurate? Legacy has developed our ISO-Metric Renewal service to give customers newly drawn ISO-Metrics based on what is currently installed on your system. This service consists of a complete walkdown of the heat trace system and performing red-line drawings which are turned in with details for our design team to create new ISO-Metric drawings organized by panel and breaker.

Engineering and Design

Legacy’s team has in-depth knowledge and experience in designing Heat Trace systems from heat trace cable, insulation, power distribution, and control panel needs. With our experience and vendor relationships, we can create highly detailed designs for any size project.

Tube Bundle Solutions

Legacy is one of the most trusted installers of tube bundle components and accessories. Our vast experience and training in tube bundle systems means you will receive the best product for your system requirements. Below you will find details and a brief description of services we offer:

  • Instrumentation Replacement: With extensive training in enclosures, transmitter placement, Swagelok fittings, and plant system operations, Legacy can provide you with efficient placement of all your transmitter instrumentation.
  • CEMS Analyzer Replacement: CEMS Analyzer lines are detrimental to plant operations and can prove to be daunting to replace/install. Legacy has experience and knowledge in CEMS Analyzer lines to ensure that they are installed safely and efficiently.
  • Sample Line and Chemical Injection Replacement: Our team has overseen and installed complete sample line and chemical injection systems across the United States. The difficult part of these systems is there is a higher risk of excessive waste since they are vast and require a lot of components, and the window needed to install these systems can be very narrow. Our team’s attention to detail and experience ensures that these systems will be installed on time and with minimal waste.

Turn-Key Solutions

With intimate knowledge and professional experience in multi-craft services, our team can provide you with a one contractor solution when it comes to replacement or repairs on your heat trace system. Our knowledge also puts Legacy in the best position to oversee your project and ensure that it is done safely, efficiently, and to the highest quality standard.

Support services provided:

  • Power Distribution and Control Panel Installation
  • Insulation Services
  • Scaffolding Access
  • Coatings (Small scope piping)

Emergency Response

Legacy Thermal Solutions is dedicated to being there when you need us most with the ability to respond promptly. Our team is well established across the United States, and are built to respond to any emergency that arises. Please call 207.939.3527 or your Legacy Thermal contact for any emergency needs.