About Our Team

Legacy Thermal Solutions was founded by industry experts who understand all the service needs and resources required to complete efficient turn-key heat tracing solutions. With over a century of experience in heat trace, power distribution, CEMS Analyzer, Sample Line, Scaffolding, and Insulation; you can trust that you will receive a best-in-class service provider.

Committed to communities by providing reliable solutions for a better tomorrow.

Legacy Thermal Solutions is fully committed to providing a culture focused on well-established relationships through providing safe and reliable solutions to ensure that facilities can operate when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

  • Establish a culture of leadership and employee dedication in safety and service quality.
  • Provide accurate cost-effective solutions to ensure that customers can prioritize and make decisions best for their facility.
  • Foster growth and continuous improvement in service design and delivery.




Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It never stops and should be present both on and off the job.

Our leadership and team are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our employees, clients, and colleagues to ensure safe completion of all projects regardless of their size. Our employees are engaged in safety procedures and take the necessary steps to create a safe work environment for all.

  • We believe no one is above safety. Everyone has the right to stop anything that appears unsafe, without fear of reprimand, and work with one another to educate and actively participate in the betterment of the work site.
  • We communicate as a group and develop a plan prior to the start of every shift to ensure everyone understands the hazards and steps required to complete the shift and project safely.
  • We believe that every hazard can be mitigated or eliminated by initiating the appropriate controls.

Quality Assurance

Legacy Thermal Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of quality to our customers by embodying a culture of continuous improvement and a dedication to providing the highest standard of service. We have established an extensive quality assurance program that our team is trained to lead and ensure that every task is completed and documented to ensure that customers can rest easy knowing that the products we install will work when they need to.

Legacy Team

Chase Bourgoin

President & Founder

Chase Bourgoin is the president and founder of Legacy Thermal Solutions. Bourgoin has extensive leadership experience in Business and Field Operations within industrial specialty contracting across multiple service specialties. Before founding Legacy Thermal Solutions, Bourgoin served as a Business Operations Director developing industry leading heat trace auditing service and quality assurance programs with the focus of providing the highest level of standards from the field to administration.

Bourgoin graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Service Operations Management.

Vernon Fields

Operations Director of Services

Vernon Fields is the Operations Director of Services at Legacy Thermal Solutions. Fields comes with decades of experience as an Operations Manager and Quality Assurance Manager in heat trace and electrical power distribution with a track record of success in leading both small and large projects on all fronts. Most notably, Fields is well known for overseeing full turn-key winterization projects on a large scale and building teams strong in safety and operational execution.

Daniel Bagley

Operations Manager

Daniel Bagley is an Operations Manager at Legacy Thermal Solutions. Bagley has decades of leadership experience within industrial specialty contracting across multiple service specialties. Before Legacy, Bagley served as a Project Manager and Operations Manager for multiple scaffolding and heat trace companies with a proven track record of success. His customer and employee relationship skills, along with his leadership in safety, efficiency, and quality ensures that his projects are completed safe and reliable.

Alan Turcotte

Operations Manager

Alan Turcotte is an Operations Manager at Legacy Thermal Solutions overseeing Legacy’s insulation services. Turcotte has decades of experience in Industrial and Commercial insulation services with a vast knowledge of insulation products and solutions. Prior to Legacy, Turcotte was the Branch Manager for a scaffold and insulation contractor, and an operations manager across multiple insulation and heat trace contractors. Turcotte has had much success in designing and leading services across the United States backed by his customer relationship skills and knowledge in insulation solutions.

Travis Tibbetts

Construction Manager

Travis Tibbetts is the Construction Manager at Legacy Thermal Solutions scaffolding services. Tibbetts brings decades of experience in leading scaffolding and access services with the ability to create safe access solutions for even the most difficult locations. Prior to coming to Legacy, Tibbetts rose through the ranks from a scaffold builder to construction manager across many successful scaffold companies. Tibbetts track record of safety, reliability, and efficiency ensures his customer’s trust that their access services are delivered on time and of the highest quality.