Who is Legacy Thermal Solutions?

Legacy Thermal Solutions is an up-and-coming national heat trace specialty contractor founded by a team of industry leading professionals dedicated to providing reliable & safe specialty services to industrial and commercial clients.

Legacy Services

Heat Trace & Insulation Auditing

Legacy’s team built the industry’s framework and standards when it comes to auditing heat trace systems. Since then, we have re-evaluated and elevated the standard of auditing services to provide more insight and reliability so you can make the best decisions on your facility.

NERC and ISO-Metric Reviews

Re-evaluate your current system and see how your system design compares to NERC Reliability Guidelines.

Engineering and Design

Our team of professionals have an intimate knowledge of industrial and commercial facilities. Get reliable guidance in design and products needed for your system.

Turn-Key Solutions

Our team of professionals have a vast experience in supporting services and can provide you with a reliable one stop shop, saving you time and money.

Tube Bundle, CEMS Analyzer, and Sample Line Replacement

Experienced instrumentation line replacement and protection on systems you need most.

Emergency Response

Legacy is a dedicated team fixed to quickly get to you when you need us most.


Industry Experience

Safety Incidents